11 ways to Resolve a facebook or myspace listing that has been refused

11 ways to Resolve a facebook or myspace listing that has been refused

6. Ensure Youa€™re Not Using Another Companya€™s Trademarks

This package is a straightforward one. Dona€™t use trademarks a€“ logo, slogan, term a€“ about any company an individual dona€™t personal. We cana€™t managed an advert for Coke, We cana€™t operated an ad for Nike, i cana€™t run an ad for Facebook. Youa€™re able to incorporate specific zynga information in your advertising, even so they bring a pretty certain group of rules concerning the use of their brand possessions. Breaking those will discover their ad refused at the same time.

7. ensure your website landing page performance which is appropriate

During the time you submit an ad, be sure that the squeeze page is available. An individual cana€™t produce adverts for a landing webpage you really havena€™t nevertheless made or published, sorry to say. Due to the fact fb will go through the destination associated with Address to be sure it really works knowning that ita€™s highly relevant to this article and copy regarding the advertisement.

If the page dona€™t exist, wea€™ll create a turned down advertising. If web page does indeed exists, but ita€™s not in regards to what the post talks about, the ad are turned down, though ita€™s never the outcome.

8. Be Sure That Looks Isna€™t Sexually Suggestive

Myspace has a really rigorous rein from the type of sexually effective image which can be in A Zynga offer. Things concerning genitalia or open erectile qualities is true up. Such a thing involving intercourse is going. Things meaning impending sexual intercourse has gone out. Everything picturing a grownup doll or little bit of suggestive equipment is around. Simply wanting need someone in lean garments is normally grounds for rejection, though that relies rather of what especially shea€™s dressed in and what specifically youa€™re promotion. Tactics home fitness equipment, lingerie, or drugs with correct lookin wife in a bikini can be fine. Utilizing the same graphics distribute a lawnmower isn’t.

9. Be Sure That Website Hasna€™t Gone Hacked or Serves Spyware Ads

Something zynga investigations, along with the purpose and also the situation associated with squeeze page when they review your website, is when the web site is protected. At times their offer perhaps turned down whenever they identify some malicious code in your webpage.

Discover three principal top reasons this may trigger. The foremost is basicallya€™re actively and maliciously wanting to offer spyware. If you are, stop it, move transform yourself directly into Web Prison, to discover the mistake of your respective approaches. The second reason is which youa€™re operating advertisements that interval through content given by an advert circle, plus one of advertisements in blood flow is utilizing an exploit to grant viruses. Speak to your advertising internet and obtain that post taken away from blood flow to solve the problem.

The 3rd result in is when your site has-been compromised which is providing spyware for your viewers without your knowledge. They sucks discover by doing this, neverthelessa€™ll require cure the hacking and take away all malicious contents before you get your advertisements sanctioned. Thata€™s as much as possible at all; your website could have been added onto a blacklist, which happens to be virtually impossible to stay away from.

10. Make Sure You Get License for Reduced Scoop

If you decide toa€™re attempting to operated a gaming web site, dating internet site, or elsewhere limited posts this is allowable with certain approval from zynga, ensure you have got that authorization from fb Recommended Reading. Ita€™s destined to be an enormous recognized procedures to get it, so you’ll want to keep it on hand. For example, for adult dating sites, you’ll want to fill out this type should you want to have actually chances at qualifying. You will want your reputation, email address, service title, rear service, backlink to the website or application, forecast ad spend, and offer account identification. You also need a group of a whole lot more free-form solutions, like a summary for the services, their part in the industry, any alternative companies you work with, the payment structure, as well as how individuals are actually paired. Everything enables Twitter to filter exploitive or risky internet.

11. Make Sure You Document An Attractiveness

In the event your advertising was denied but you believe we see those standards a€“ so you realize we meet the a person these people emailed your about a€“ or if perhaps your advertisement happens to be refused once or twice now, you’ll report a charm. The design for its appeal has arrived and gives we facts to feedback so you’re able to select rejected listing and take they evaluated most directly. This should be put as a final resort, or in instances when a person suspect an automatic rejection and this was at error.


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